Alber Sport - St. Anton am Arlberg

Once upon a time, there was a small shoe shop in Nasserein am Arlberg. The shoes that were created here by Robert Alber in the middle of the 20th century were of best quality and were in high demand. As a result, sometime later Robert Alber opened up a larger workshop, which was located in the parental home of his wife, Ms Frieda Seeberger. 1946 The company was founded to “produce and sell sports shoes and leather fashion accessories.” 1950/51 The store location was established and an addition to the workshop was constructed. Robert Alber produced ski boots, hiking boots and lamb’s-wool-lined après ski shoes. Each model featured time-consuming & extensive welted construction – first by Hand and then later with a machine. The clever shoemaker, however, didn’t rest on his laurels. Instead he became highly creative. When it came to ski boots, he thought long and hard about the balance between support and comfort and eventually found an ingenious solution: 1956 His ski boots, which featured an air system in the heel and were called “Air Flight Boots,” were patented worldwide. These innovative and comfortable ski boots became extremely popular throughout the world. A modification of the Alber system continues to be used in modern ski helmets.

In addition to the highs, there were also lows. 1964 In anticipation of increasing demand as a result of the winter Olympic games in Innsbruck, Robert Alber ordered twice his usual amount of leather in Switzerland. Unfortunately, it was a winter with very little snow and the leather remained unused. A friend helped him out of this crisis by lending him money without demanding a borrower’s note. The investor believed in the honour of a good handshake and Robert Alber was a trusted man. His more than 30 years of work for the village council of St. Anton was proof of his foresight. Here he was able to make significant progress in advancing the village as a world-class winter-sports destination. 1986 Robert Alber hands over control of his company and tenancy holdings to his son Reinhard and his wife Sabine. Their three children, Franziska, Florian and Maximilian, are also an integral part of continuing their grandfather’s innovative legacy as company founder. The two sons in particular have made decisive contributions in operations. The family-run company is in good hands and the dynamic Alber logo is a symbol for absolute top quality in sales, consultation, and service in the areas of sport and fashion.

1946 Robert Alber passes the craftsman’s examination as a shoemaker
1946 Opening of the cobbler shop in St.Jakob am Arlberg
1948 Moving the cobbler shop to St.Anton am Arlberg into the Haus Seeberger (today Alber Schuh&Mode)
1951 House Alber is built and the Cobbler shop assumed it’s position in the building and still resides today
1969 Branch opening in the „Schihalle“ right next to the Galzig station (today CheckIn Galzig)
1979 Family Alber is renting the „Sporthaus Hannes Schneider“ – this was the first step into the sporting trade
1986 Robert Alber passes on his shops to his son Reinhard Alber
1995 Opening of the Alber Sport flagship store
2000 Alber Sport CheckIn Nasserein is opening its doors
2006 Alber Sport CheckIn Galzig wins double the size of floor
2007 Alber Schuh&Mode gets refurbished and gains more selling space
2009 Alber Sport is buying a joinery in St.Jakob am Arlberg and is moving the Service-Centre and the Alber Logistic-Centre in the new building.
2010 Alber Sport flagship store is getting refurnished
2013 Alber Freeride is opening its doors right in between the Galzig and Rendl stations

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