Touring test in Chile

During the last Ispo in January 2014, the company Marker/Völkl invited us on an innovative journey. The only information we received was that it was in Chile!

The answer was easy, sine we always make an effort to lead with the best products. That the test would take place in Chile had a pleasant side effect.

On the 17th of August the trip went from Munich to Chile with a stop in Paris. After 28 hours of flying, waiting, and bus trips, we finally arrived at our destination. We were welcomed at the incredibly beautiful Lodge “in-the-middle-of-nowhere”.

During the evening, the new product, the Marker KINGPIN Touring Binding, was presented to us. The company Marker had during the development of the PIN-Binding, created a whole new concept. In the front: Pin Locking mechanism/In the back: classic design.

Over the next 3 days we were able to test the new binding on a new Völkl BMT V-Werks(Carbon).
What we saw during thing time was absolutely unbelievable!

Our Outtake:
a simply ingenious Binding for Touring oriented Freeriders to whom downhill performance is important!

Try this setup with us!

Völkl V-werks BMT 94 with the Marker Kingpin is ready with us for you to test it!
Bookable online (Platin Class)

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