Boot Doctor in St. Anton am Arlberg

Bliss is a ski boot that doesn’t squeeze and hurt. Through a range of methods and settings, we can make your ski boots better than ever. Stretch the shell of the boot for more comfort for wider feet. A cork sole for better hold with wider feet. Enhance heel stability with either a heel lift or a custom fit sole.

Ski boot fitting for boots from

A Strolz Ski boot forms exactly to your feet, which makes it so unique in fit and comfort.

The data from the foot analysis will be used to adjust the ski boots by hand using time tested methods. The inner boot and shell will be made identical to the model of your foot before finally being individually fit to your anatomy with foam.

Foot Analysis

This is the advantage of Strolz Ski boots, they fit exactly to your feet. The individual analysis of your feet is followed by a consultation with our orthopedic expert.

Every Boot is unique

Strolz Ski boots are tailored custom orders. Orthopedic knowledge, immense experience and careful craftsmanship forms a ski boot which is custom made to fit your foot.

Every component is unique: innerboot, shell and instert. No part exists a second time. Each and every shoe is a prototype of highest workmanship- custom and handmade- a real singularity.

Bootfitting behind the scenes

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